Social listening – a powerful approach

What is social media listening?

Social media listening is the process of collecting, synthesizing and analyzing public discussions on social media channels, including social networks, websites, forums, newspapers, websites, etc. From there, you can give the necessary insights on the market, competitors, customers, campaigns … to help businesses solve their business.

How does the Social media listening system work?

With 4 main steps, data on social networks is visually aggregated on just one screen

Large databases help store hundreds of GB of data every day

AI and Machine Learning technologies are optimized specifically for Vietnamese to allow in-depth analysis of data

Intuitive, vivid display with high customization

How Social media listening helps businesses?

You will know the insights of customers without interviewing them …

… from which you can solve many different problems

Why businesses should use social media listening?

Understand your customers at every stage of the buying journey!

Understand customers’need

Catch up with
new trends and
needs of customers


Understand the issues
that customers need
to solve


Understand your opponents
to create an unique impression

Make decision

Convince customers with
the right message,
right people, right time


Follow customer reactions
to maintain brand interest

With big data base…

.. you can approach and gather insights from your target audience without leaving any trace.
No interviews, no surveys, just a mouse click!

Who should use social media listening?

  • Small businesses
  • Large businesses
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Non-profit organizations

Any unit with a target audience operating on social media!

What is a good time to operate social media listening?

  • Spring peak
  • Summer rush
  • Fall peak
  • Winter rush

That’s right, people are online all year round, so you can start listening to them anytime!

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