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Our mission

Metric Analytics is a leading 4.0 Research Agency. Understanding the businesses’ urgent need of insightful views into their prospects, we strive to develop our overall research methods by using our advantages in social media listening method, provided by our powerful tools – SMCC, together with traditional research methods. We hope to provide assistance for enterprises in understanding their markets and prospects from multilateral, objective perspectives with the most optimal all-in price.

Our story

In 2011, InfoRe Technology was established with a mission of developing Artificial Intelligence-integrated resolutions to assist Vietnamese companies in accelerating their digital transformation.

By 2015, InfoRe Technology had instituted the construction of the first Social Listening system in Vietnam –, and simultaneously established Metric Analytics, a research agency specializing in Social Media Insight Research. We then realized data collected from traditional Research Agency could be flawed due to the lack of objectivity in conducting interviewing, surveying and market researching techniques. Meanwhile, indirectly collected, data from Social Media Listening are unbiased and reliable. This declares a strong connection between data from Social Media Listening and traditional research methods in complementing each other.

In 2019, Metric Analytics is officially an independent company specializing in social media data analytics, a leading 4.0 research agency. With the philosophy of diversing points of view for market reports by the help of data from Social Listening, we ceaselessly develop and standardize our research methods combining with multilateral perspectives and contribute to the success of over 100 customers within 4 years operating.

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